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How to use BingNetCo online service center

BingNetCo is a online service center that provides information of all types of service providers or merchants can post their information on this website absolutely free. On this website, two types of users can register, first one who is only a user and wants to express their feedback about the service provider or the service provider's all services keeps getting updates second he can register as a service provider who can post all types of services on this website, so you have to register as a service provider.

A: To register as a user -

Step : 1 -> Go to or

Step : 2 -> Click on SIGN IN button. The sign in page will open and find "Need an account? Sign up here!".

Step : 3 -> Click on "Need an account? Sign up here! ". Sign up page will open, fill all fields. After submitting all the information, the verification will be mailed to the email ID that you have filled in your email fields and you will go to that email and click on the verification link and redirect to this website, then you will register as a user.

A: To register as a service provider -

Step : 1 -> After that SIGN IN as a user, sign in button convert into to user icon click on user icon you can find menu 'Register as a Service Provider' click on this menu.

Step : 2 -> Service Provider page will open, fill all fields. Now you able to post, upload services and images. You can be create two types of posts, first site post, second embedded video posts.